jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Odours, and How to remove Malodor.

Well, We are going to try to explain firstly how we smell.

Basically our olfaction sensors respond to chemical compounds that are in the atmosphere. All these compounds are at very low concentration, very low number of molecules, but is enought to stimulate olfatory receptors. You know, human olfaction sense could determine about 10,000 odours.

Types of odors

Normally divided in two, by organic and inorganic substances.

Common Primary Odors

Musky for Perfumes.
Putrid as decomposed food
Pungent like the vinegar
Camphoraceous as mothball
Ethereal cleanning fluid
Floral for plant life
Pepperminty as mint

Absortion of Odors

There are two types of absortion processes, physical and chemical. In a physical interaction molecules are tied up only by physical forces. And in other hand, the chemical process must be activated using energy obtained in a chemical reaction.

Thus industries used to elaborate differents methods to remove odors of the vecinity, usually know as deodorant  and other kinds of spray solutions.

How to remove them,

Textiles are very permeate to any odor. In your home that are a lot of odors as cooking, fish and curry odors, smoke or oven fires, pet odors.

Natural way to remove odors, you will need:

* chlorine bleach
* Tri-sodium phosphate
* apple cider vinegar
* Large container of baking soda
* Lemons


- Use a steam extractor for cleaning carpets
- Clothing may need to be washed several times
- Take care of the air circulation
- Take all the drawers out of your cabinets and open all the cupboard doors, wash inside and out paying attention to the drawer slides and around the hinges.
- Unplug and wash your stove and refrigerator inside

But always, you can try comercial solutions as Febreze Freshener. You can use free samples of odor remover solutions. in the marked link. Then you can compare results. Really I prefer the second solution is the fastest, don't you?